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May 01, 2024
Very big scammers and they’d never pay you any profit, I tried to withdraw and it was declined I paid all fees and they still won’t release my funds, I even tried to report the case to the police and they said they’d make some investigations,
a friend of mine referred me to Francine, as someone who can help my case.
I contacted her through her mail at francineharrisbecca @ gmail com , she guided me through the steps to follow and within a few days I got my funds back to my bank account without any further delay
Stay away, they are big scammers
Feb 24, 2024
The problem is they won’t let me withdraw my money . When I tried my account manager put his boss on and said I had to pay tax first then had me send funds to a wallet they implied was Leon markets after doing so I received no payment whatsoever and they refused any further communication with me even after two weeks of daily emails to my account manager and their customer support team.
Aug 28, 2023
I wish I can give negative rating here, since its a SCAM.Luckily I didn't fell in the trap. The manger who called me first insisted in investing 250 euros, but when I told him that I need some time to think, and then that guy suddenly became aggressive and abusive, almost killed me over the phone :D, so I got to know that the guy was an a**hole and this whole thing is a scam
Aug 10, 2023
I deposited 250 usd dollars from last 3 days but I didn’t show in coinschain website and I don’t get anything .. they not call me back. please help to give my money back. Even I took money from my friend.If someone can help me
Aug 01, 2023
Alert Alert alerte alerte SCAM SCAM FRAUDE FRAUDE stay away. they ask you a mimimum of 250$ US and then dissapear. SVP restez loin d'eux!! SCAM SCAM
Jul 21, 2023
Two days ago an account was supposedly set up but no follow up phone calls as promised, no access to any platform, no login details.. nothing! I have chased them the last two days without avail.whoever wrote a five star review was either an employee or on crack. Stay away from this company. They need deregistering if they are actually real and registered. And do you think I can now access my funds or have anyone follow up? You guessed it.. no. Alfredw, Eddie and whoever that might be there if not but one person or computer generated will gladly take your hard earned money in USD and then what? You guessed it, nothing, nada nil. There is NO customer service and probably no platform and possible scam. One star is one too many. Invest in something legitimate as this experience has taught me and not this that promises much but has absolutely no delivery.Stay away!
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